Centre for High Performance Computing 2023 National Conference




The 17th CHPC National Conference.

The aim of the conference: to bring together our users so that their work can be communicated, to include world renowned experts, and to offer a rich programme for students, in the fields of high performance computing, big data, and high speed networking.  The CHPC National Conference is co-organised by the CHPC, DIRISA and SANReN.

Skukuza Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

The CHPC 2023 Conference will be an in-person event with a physical programme hosted at the Nombolo Mdhluli Conference Centre (NMCC), Skukuza.

For more information please see the main conference site.

Machine Learning, Cloud and Quantum Computing: The Changing Landscapes of HPC.

This year's theme explores how high performance computing has broadened into activities beyond large scale simulation and high throughput processing of experimental data. Now those are joined by machine learning models derived from enormous data sets, with notable successes in pattern recognition to the pattern mimicry of generative models.  On the hardware frontier, quantum computing offers exotic processing potential, while commodity enterprise computing brings the flexibility of cloud computing to HPC.

Call for Abstracts

The deadline for abstracts for talks or posters is 23:59 6 November 2023.  Proposals for short workshops are also welcome.


Online registration will close on 1 December 2023. Thereafter only onsite registration (at full fees) will be available at the venue.










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