Quantum Computing for Sustainable Development

by Prof. Francesco Petruccione (University of Kwazululu Natal)

CHPC Boardroom

CHPC Boardroom

15 Lower Hope Road CSIR Campus Rosebank 7700 Cape Town South Africa
We are living in very interesting times: we are experiencing first hand the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 2nd Quantum Revolution. The latter promises to give us quantum versions of technologies relevant to the success of the former: quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum metrology. Recently, the availability of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) computing hardware in the cloud has generated   lots of interest in industry and academia about the potential of quantum computing.
In the talk we will review the state of quantum computing in general, explore some important applications, and stress its relevance for sustainable development. 
Organized by

Drs. Daniel Moeketsi and Werner Janse van Renburg