HPC Ecosystems OpenHPC Virtual Lab

Bryan Johnston (CHPC), Eugene de Beste (CHPC), Nyameko Lisa

The CHPC will be hosting a fully-online OpenHPC virtual training workshop for all SADC, SKA, and HPC Ecosystems partner institutions.

The training will focus on:

  • Introduction to HPC (from a System Administrator's perspective)
    • Content will be presented from the CHPC's Student Cluster Competition Online training (2020) and will cover topics such as What is HPCWhy HPCHPC hardware, Parallel Computing ConceptsSoftware compilation, and various HPC Special Topics
    • This is a very high-level overview of HPC and is the actual content used to train the Student Cluster Competition participants.
    • It is all asynchronous videos so you have control over the way that you engage with the videos, if at all.
    • Two weeks allocated to this content.
  • Hands-on OpenHPC deployment
    • The participants will all perform an OpenHPC deployment to a Virtual cluster running on their host machines
    • This will cover the basic deployment of the OpenHPC solution that is officially adopted by the CHPC's HPC Ecosystems community
    • At the end of the deployment process, a fully functional Management Server will be operational as a VM, and can be migrated to a physical system, or used as-is to manage a physical HPC cluster.
    • Remaining weeks of the programme

Content will be delivered through a series of asynchronous Training Videos (hosted on YouTube), as well as a collaborative Virtual Classroom environment (Piazza) where all participants will be encouraged to work collaboratively in setting up their HPC systems.

This is the inaugural launch of the OpenHPC training content and at the time of its development was the only such content globally, so you are helping to pioneer this endeavour!

The format of the programme is designed to accommodate all partner institutions of any experience or background, with any time availability or workload commitments. 

You do not need an operational HPC system to perform this training - everything will be run on your local machine (desktop or laptop).

  • Badisa Mosesane
  • Berny Chaimite
  • Bryan Johnston
  • Damas Makweba
  • Elliot Menkah
  • George Anderson
  • Henry Simfukwe
  • Molwantwa Raditsebe
  • Mordecai Phuti Mashamaite
  • Nkwebi Peace Motlogelwa
  • Nyameko Lisa
  • Shoopala Nambahu
  • Shunmuga Pillay
  • Themba Hlatshwayo
  • Vimbainashe Patience Masoso
  • Vitalina Baptista
  • Zelalem Sintayehu Shibeshi
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