Simulation of Multi-phase Flows at De Beers Marine

by Mr Imraan Parker ( The De Beers Group, De Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town)

CHPC Lecture Room

CHPC Lecture Room


Marine mining presents a unique set of challenges that has resulted in R&D playing an important role within De Beers Marine.  Resource constraints have driven the need to reduce the R&D concept pipeline whilst still maintaining acceptable risk levels.  As a result, Physical and Numerical Simulation tools form an integral part of the Development Pipeline.  The majority of R&D activities involve Multi-Phase  Fluid Flow and Computational Fluid Dynamics is being used for concept exploration, risk mitigation as well as to aid understanding of Physical Simulations.  In this talk, I will cover the application of Multi-Phase Flow Simulation within the De Beers Marine environment.

Organized by

Dr Daniel Moeketsi and Dr. Werner Janse van Rensburg