4-9 July 2022
Africa/Johannesburg timezone


The CHPC Student Cluster Competition includes a series of fast paced lectures on advanced computing themes not typically covered in your undergraduate course work.  It would be to your advantage to prepare for the competition by familiarising yourself with the Linux command line and High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.  Below are several links to educational YouTube videos and online courses which will provide a basic background to some of the topics covered.  

Previous Competitions

CHPC National Competition December 2018 

ISC19 CHPC Team Interview

Intro to Linux

Linux as fast as possible 

Background to Linux

Udacity online Linux Command Line Basics Course

Linuxcomand.org "Learning the Shell"

Intro to HPC

Servers vs Desktop PCs as Fast As Possible

Supercomputers as fast a possible

HPC in 3 minutes

Message Passing Interface (MPI)

HPC Carpentry: Introduction to High-Performance Computing

Linux Cluster Services

In this competition you will create your own computer cluster on virtual machines, having a basic understanding of the essential software services required to do this will assist you.

Introduction to DNS

What is LDAP

How to Share Files Using NFS: Linux Server Training 101

SLURM Job Scheduler