30 November 2020 to 2 December 2020
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

Micro-talk Guide

Guide for Micro-Talk (Poster) Submission

The poster technical presentation type is replaced by a micro-talk for this online conference.  This guide details the parameters for this presentation.


The abstract for a micro-talk must be no longer than one A4 page long and be typed directly into the abstract form or uploaded as a PDF file.

If you chose to upload a PDF file, this PDF must contain the title of the abstract and your name, along your co-author(s), including all affiliations. You must include your email address

The text of the abstract must all appear on the first page (including any citations). 

Only if you need to include a figure or table, may the PDF have a second page, and only the figure or table, which must include a caption, may appear on the second page.


Once your abstract is accepted you will be required to provide your presentation as a 5 minute video and a PDF file of your slides or poster.

Note that both the video and PDF will be made publicly available from the start of the conference and on the CHPC web site thereafter. Make sure to only include information that can be made public in both.


The video of your presentation must be of sufficient quality and clarity that your voice and the content of your presentation can be clearly heard and read.

The video must be no longer than 300 seconds long (5 minutes), and the video file must be no larger than 100MB. The video resolution must be at least 720p and not higher than 1080p.

Your video will be uploaded to YouTube by us and must be made using formats accepted by that platform.  We recommend the mp4 or mkv file formats, and the x264 or AVC video codec. The audio codec should be Ogg Vorbis, or AAC, or MP3.

Slides PDF

You may provide a PDF file of slides instead of a poster, but you must provide one or the other.

The slides PDF must contain no more than 6 slides.  The first slide must include:

  • the title of your presentation
  • your full name
  • your affiliation

You may also include other content on the first slide, after the above information, which must appear first.

Poster PDF

Instead of slides you may include the PDF file of your full poster.

The PDF poster must be at least A2 in size and not larger than A1.  It should be in a portrait orientation for A1 size, but may be landscape orientation for A2 size.

The poster must be of a design and with the text font and figures, etc., of sizes that makes the poster suitable for printing and display as usual for a physical conference, i.e., is readable at a distance of 2m.

However, keep in mind that the PDF will be viewed on a much smaller screen so you may prefer to provide a PDF of slides instead.


Keep in mind that your PDF (slides or poster) will be published in conjunction with your video presentation.  The speech in your video should make reference to the slides or poster and make sense.

It is acceptable to make the video of yourself standing in front of your poster as long as you make it clear when speaking which part of your poster you are referring to.

It is recommended to make a screencast of your slides: i.e., only record your voice while displaying the slides as the video.


  • Understand your audience: they are not all specialists in your field
  • Motivation:
  1. “The purpose of my research is…”
  2. Why am I engaging in this research?
  3. What is the benefit that will come from this research?
  • Methodology
  1. The method of inquiry
  2. The results
  3. The significance of the results
  • Back up your claims with facts and logic.
  • Visualisation: use figures and graphs to illustrate your methods and results
  • Be succinct: you only have 5 minutes = 300 seconds.